Sweet Monday’s Class

Every Monday for the past six weeks or so; we have been lucky to taste delicious treats from our classmate Nahren. Today, after our classmate replied that she wasn’t feeling good, our teacher in a very friendly way brought us treats “timbits” so there we are ….writing our reviews…. It feels like a sweet tweet that wordpress our  social media influential skills…It was a great free timbits sample to apply disclosure review.

Thank you Jared!!


For Healthy Nails!!

Tips to keep healthy nails:

  • File and buff your nails regularly.
  • While moisture push and message your cuticle firmly gentle.
  • Consume foods that are rich in biotin or vitamin H (rice, soya, nuts), protein and O-mega 3, 6, 9.
  • Use a strengthener nail polish as a base coat.
  • Do not left your nail polish longer than 2 weeks; remove and refresh nail polish.
  • When you go for a manicure ask which products do they use to disinfect and clean the work place.


Why am I taking building social media?

iconsI am taking Building Social Media because it will benefit my professional, personal and business owner development.

As a public relations professional, I will use social media as a key tool to keep people interested in the organization’s focus and to promote new activities. This method is the most cost-effective, the message spreads very quickly, and it establishes a mutually beneficial two-way communication network.

On a personal level, acquiring knowledge on how to build a strong social media strategy and fully understand the technical terminology involved will empower me to keep apprised of all new developments; furthermore, it will inspire me to think critically and develop a solid opinion.

As a small business-owner, I will be developing the necessary skills to use social media to my advantage and  effectively research the appropriate target market or audience whose philosophy, values and common purposes match my own – “people like me” – thereby creating a “win-win” situation and relationships.

In conclusion, learning how to build social media will provide me with invaluable communication skills that will empower me to enhance my professional, personal and business-owner status.